Covid-19 Quarantine Ghost Stories

Covid-19 Quarantine Ghost Stories

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Florida man describes surviving lockdown in supposedly haunted house

YBOR CITY, Fla. – Ghosts don’t care about social distancing.

While being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t a lot of fun for many people, some had uniquely unpleasant experiences. For example, one Florida resident says he’s been in lockdown with the ghosts of a murdered family.

Kurt Schleicher says that while he was a non-believer when he bought the house, he may have changed his mind, the New York Post reports. He lives in the house where Victor Licata reportedly murdered his parents, siblings and family dog.

“I guess you could say I’m getting to know my roommates,” Schleicher told the New York Post. “They left this earth in a stressful way, they were murdered while they slept, and their time was cut short, so I understand where they’re coming from.”

Schleicher said that the longer he stays in the house, the more he feels a supernatural presence. Even if the house isn’t actually haunted, however, the house reportedly has some unpleasant reminders of the past. Schleicher told the New York Post about possible ax marks he found in one of the home’s window frames.

“You notice all of these weird things when you normally wouldn’t,” he said. “And there’s so much time to think about how scary they are.”

While Schleicher isn’t the only living thing in the house, his dog isn’t helping him feel less haunted.

According to him, “My dog, a boxer, has been sitting in the bedroom where the mother was murdered and barking at the wall for no reason. It’s not in his nature. In the bathroom, you can feel a coldness come over you, a cold brush of something walking by.”

Are you self-isolating… with a ghost?

It’s evening in Beckie Melvin’s home, and after another hectic day of home-schooling, running her business and housework, she’s put her feet up, ready for some peace and quiet.

However, with both her husband and ten-year-old son fast asleep in bed, and visitors forbidden under lockdown rules, who on earth could be wandering through Beckie’s home night after night? Sceptics look away now, for 40-year-old Beckie firmly believes that she and her family are isolating with a ghost

Even former One Direction singer Liam Payne is convinced he’s sharing his London flat with a ghost – and is determined to catch any paranormal activity on film after he experienced banging noises in his bedroom.

‘We call our ghost Top Hat Man and he’s shared our home since we moved in eight years ago,’ says Beckie, an events planner who runs Beckie Melvin Weddings. ‘He’s a tall man in a top hat but we have no idea who he is – or was. We know our house used to be a farm cottage, but his smartly dressed appearance isn’t that of a farm worker. Perhaps he was a land owner, but his identity is a mystery to us.’

It was Beckie’s ten-year-old son Cameron who first spotted Top Hat Man as a toddler. ‘Cam would sit and stare, sometimes pointing and jabbering, at a certain part of the house – a little hallway that leads off the kitchen to a downstairs loo,’ she remembers. ‘As his speech improved, he’d talk about a “tall man with a big hat”.

Other children who came to play here would go home talking about him too. At first, I thought it was just Cam’s imagination running wild, but then I began to glimpse the man too. He was like a shadow at the periphery of my vision. In an instant he’d be gone, but I was sure of what I’d seen.’

Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Reports of paranormal activity have increased during the coronavirus pandemic. Have you ever experienced strange, unexplained sights or sounds? Do you have a personal ghost story?

In “Quarantining With a Ghost? It’s Scary,” Molly Fitzpatrick writes:

It started with the front door.

Adrian Gomez lives with his partner in Los Angeles, where their first few days of sheltering in place for the coronavirus pandemic proved uneventful. They worked remotely, baked, took a two-mile walk each morning and refinished their porcelain kitchen sink. But then, one night, the doorknob began to rattle “vigorously,” so loud he could hear it from across the apartment. Yet no one was there.

In mid-April, Mr. Gomez was in bed when a nearby window shade began shaking against the window frame so intensely — despite the fact that the window was closed, an adjacent window shade remained perfectly still, the cats were all accounted for, and no bug nor bird nor any other small creature had gotten stuck there — that Mr. Gomez thought it was an earthquake.

“I very seriously hid myself under the comforter, like you see in horror movies, because it really did freak me out,” he said.

“I’m a fairly rational person,” said Mr. Gomez, who is 26 and works in I.T. support. “I try to think, ‘What are the reasonable, tangible things that could be causing this?’ But when I don’t have those answers, I start to think, ‘Maybe something else is going on.’”

They’re not alone … possibly in more ways than one.

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