TDH Haunted House For Sale and Bigfoot Visits Washington

TDH Haunted House For Sale and Bigfoot Visits Washington

The Dark Horde Podcast:

Whispers Estate in Indiana for Sale for $130K, Ghosts Included

A Victorian mansion dating to the late 1890s is for sale, but there’s a catch. It may come with some permanent houseguests.

“It’s actually a gorgeous home. It’s in really good shape for as old as it is,” says Heather Bland, the agent selling the home on Warren Street in Mitchell, IN.

Known as Whispers Estate, the home has a history of paranormal activity. The $130,000 list price includes the furniture and ghosts.

The 3,700-square-foot, four-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home features original wood floors throughout much of the home.

According to the website created by the homeowner, the structure was once part home, part business—as was the case with many homes in the 1800s. A doctor had his practice downstairs and, over the years, some patients died, including children.

Several TV shows, publications, and paranormal groups have investigated the home. There have been numerous reports of a child seen running through the house, the smell of baby powder in one of the rooms, children singing or crying, doorknobs jiggling, and doors popping open. People who sleep in the room where the doctor died say they sometimes wake up to sounds of coughing and labored breathing.

About the House

Whispers Estate was built in 1894 (earliest discovered records).

In 1899 (or 1901, depending on which source you reference), Dr John and Jessie Gibbons purchased the house from the original owners, Dr George and Sarah White. Dr John and Jessie Gibbons reportedly adopted abandoned/orphaned children.

One of these children, a 10-year old girl named Rachael, started a fire in the front parlor, being badly burned, and died 2 days later in one of the upstairs bedrooms. But, you can still hear, and sometimes see, her running around the house today.

A 10-month infant, Elizabeth, died in the master bedroom of unknown causes, but there’s still the scent of baby powder, and you can sometimes still hear her cries.

Jessie died in that same bedroom after a bout with double-pneumonia. Guests sleeping in that room often awake to labored breathing and coughing. Some even report feeling as if someone is sitting on their chest.

The most common paranormal activity in this room is the closet doorknob will frequently jiggle for a few moments, stop suddenly, and the closet door will pop open. The maximum reported count for repeatable occurrences is 5 within a couple minutes. this of course required persons in the room to close the door each time.

Dr Gibbons was a prominent doctor in town, having his office in the 1st floor rooms in the house. Given the time period and medical field, it is likely many patients died there during his practice of ~26 years.

Stories of subsequent owners/occupants suggest others have encountered their own demise, such as a gentlemen in the 50s/60s that died in the upstairs bathroom, a young boy that died from falling down the front staircase (recently spoke with the relatives of this little boy; got name and keywords), and more.

In 2006, The previous owner bought the house after being vacant for a few years. During its restoration, strange activity started to occur. Activity in the house continued, and even increased, subsequently earning the name ‘Whispers Estate’ after guests repeatedly reported hearing disembodied voices whispering in their ears.

Is that Bigfoot? A Washington traffic agency tweets a photo of, well, something

(CNN) — Is that… Bigfoot? Someone at the Washington State Department of Transportation certainly thinks there’s a chance.

The Twitter account for the agency shared a traffic camera’s photograph that showed what appeared to be, well, something walking near a tree in the distance.

“Sasquatch spotted!!! I’m not superstitious… just a little stitious,” the person running the DOT account for the eastern part of the state tweeted on Wednesday. “If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something.”

In the still image, taken by webcam on Sherman Pass, a dark, human-like can certainly be seen in a walking stance.

Look for yourself:

But Twitter sleuths weren’t having it.

One replied, “Zoom in, it’s the tree trunk shadow. I want to believe but I don’t believe this picture. Or that he stood still in multiple photos… unless he is frozen of course. Lol.”

The webcam is still posting photos from the spot — a new one appears every hour.

But then the official WSDOT account for Snoqualmie Pass joined in on the fun — they tweeted a video of a similar figure walking through the snow.

The mythical creature is widely associated with the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, but it appears to be a traveler — sightings have been reported all over the world. It even has its own festival in North Carolina.

But it’s not all lighthearted fun. Last year, a man fired a gun in a Kentucky national park after he claimed he saw Bigfoot.

That man said he fired into the darkness after the ape-like monster that has never been proven to exist lunged at him, a couple that talked to the man told CNN.

Law enforcement rangers with the Mammoth Cave National Park responded to the incident involving the camper with the firearm at one of the park’s backcountry campsites, park spokeswoman Molly Schroer said at the time.

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