TTU Author W. Wallace Wagner Jr: Ancient Aliens & the Bible

TTU Author W. Wallace Wagner Jr: Ancient Aliens & the Bible

Website: Within Grasp: My evolving journey discovers more truths beyond the Bible


Wallace was born in the small coal mining town of Logan, West Virginia. He received his BS degree from West Virginia University in 1981. He did graduate studies at the University of Charleston and Marshall University. He has gained a unique understanding of the Bible from 40+ years of study and meditation. Wallace has a keen eye for looking at the Bible through a different lens.

Having interests in crafts (a.k.a. UFOs, UAPs, etc.), the Great Pyramid, legitimate crop circles, eschatology and the Bible, Wallace’s studies have led him to Egypt, Israel, and Portugal. In 2016, he had his own sighting of the white Tic-Tac variety (representative picture on front cover) in the town of Bedford, Virginia, which caused him to critically re-evaluate his conservative Christian teachings. He now realizes Jesus should be looked at more as a teacher and the Bible, as written, is not what it is purported to be!

Wallace has a varied work history including a being a manager for two Fortune 500 companies. He has been a water plant operator, mailman, laboratory technician, farmer, coal miner, banker, phlebotomist, EMT, soil conservationist and is a published author. He is an ordained, ecumenical disciple of Jesus, a Mason, and is involved with the Society of St. Andrews. He currently resides in Bedford, Virginia with his wife, Marie, and their rescued cat, Simon. They have one son, one granddaughter, a great grandson, and a great granddaughter.
Wallace has appeared on numerous radio programs such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory as well as multiple podcasts. His initial book, “Crossing The Crevasse” was introduced and featured on major radio stations in the US and Canada such as WABC in New York, KMOX in St. Louis, KIIS in Los Angeles and WBEN in Buffalo.

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