UBR Classic UFO Buster Radio News – 427: Colorado UFOs, Mexico UFO Armada, Texas UFO History, and Nest Cam Captures UFO

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X-Files of the Pikes Peak Region
Link: https://www.csindy.com/news/local/x-files-of-the-pikes-peak-region/article_8a4eb38a-188e-11eb-a842-27b3e8899d26.html

Pic – An Aug. 30, 2020 sighting of a triangle of lights in Denver.

Haley Pretzman, host of the Horror Comedy Potcast, which explores spooky experiences and sometimes UFOs, witnessed a UFO in Pueblo in 2017. “It was three lights, and they were in a line, equidistant to each other, and they were close, like four blocks away,” she explains. “It didn’t seem to be terribly far. We went towards it, and as we were getting closer it formed a triangle shape. At this point I pulled out my phone, to take pictures of it, and as I was watching it, it started to glow. There were all these little lights and colors and they were twinkling, and it didn’t look like anything… there’s nothing I could compare it to.”

“In the center of this triangle, it almost looked like a galaxy,” continues Pretzman. “Just like that the lights dimmed and it was a plane, like a jet or something. It was very small, not a plane like I have ever seen before, and then it zoomed away. It was gone in like six seconds. It was gone super fast.”

On March 25, Brian Eastin, a fixture in the local music scene who passed away unexpectedly in May, witnessed strange objects in the skies over Colorado Springs. “I was driving up north on Academy [Boulevard] and Platte [Avenue],” he said during an interview after his sighting. “It was dusk and I looked left, over the town, and I noticed above the mountains I saw what I thought were like, tower lights at first.

What I remember really seeing in detail is something between 15 to 20 objects that ranged in color from gray to some of them had like blinking white lights and what I thought were red lights — that’s why I thought they might have been tower lights — and they were moving in a frenetic, almost figure eight, like a pair of binoculars. There was some order to it, but then there was some frenetic-like swarm activity to a few of them. It was like a video game in the air. Then all of a sudden the figure eight flattened out and then they shot ridiculously fast directly over me, out east, and were gone. I’d say that whole thing lasted maybe 12, 15 seconds.”

A report from Dec. 31, 2019, obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by Douglas D. Johnson, a volunteer researcher affiliated with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies and published by aviation blog The War Zone, read, “Chase County, Nebraska sheriff’s deputy reported observing 30 to 50 [drones] flying independently of each other with a larger ‘mothership’ hovering for hours. The deputy stated the larger drone appeared to be way over 55 pounds. All at one time the smaller drones returned to the larger drone and departed the area to the west.”

UFO fleet over Mexico ‘monitoring coronavirus’ – Claims ‘something big about to happen
Link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1353615/ufo-fleet-video-mexico-coronavirus-aliens-alien-news-evg

Strange lights seemed to dance randomly across the sky above Valdequirico, Mexico, leading some to believe an alien invasion is here. A video of the strange phenomenon shows tens of bright orbs all moving sporadically across the sky.

The objects in question do not seem to have wings or other tell-tale signs of a man-made machine, but instead just appear to be dots of lights.

Alien enthusiasts said it is definitive proof of extraterrestrials, who may be monitoring to coronavirus situation.

Across the planet, COVID-19 cases are on the rise, and alien hunter Scott C Waring believes the UFOs are here to monitor the situation and gather information.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “You will see a whole fleet of cloud orbs going in all directions.

“Now if these were balloons, they would all go one direction – the direction the wind is blowing.

“However that is not the case here. They move with deliberate motions, they have intelligence.

“There are no wings, ruling out planes, birds. This is absolutely alien in origin.

“A whole fleet of UFOs means something big is about to happen.

“Maybe they were dropped off to monitor a spike in COVID-19 infections in Mexico.

“Aliens love to gather information. Its like gold to them.”

However, some people who spotted the video believe there is a more natural explanation for the ‘UFOs’.

Texas history full of UFO sightings
Link: https://haysfreepress.com/2020/10/28/texas-history-full-of-ufo-sightings/

A torpedo-shaped sphere cruised the night sky over the West Texas town of Levelland on Nov. 2, 1957, while on the ground mysterious “eggs of light” blocked the roads.

The reexamination of the so-called “Roswell Incident” in the 1990’s revived interest in Unidentified Flying Objects. Although nothing in the Lone Star past can compete with the controversial claim that a flying saucer crashed in the New Mexico desert 73 years ago, Texas history is full of out-of-this-world sightings.

Farmworkers at Bonham filed one of the earliest reports on record in 1873. Stupefied laborers swore they saw an enormous “serpentine object” float overheard in broad daylight.

A former congressman had a Kansas encounter of the much-too-close kind. As an airship hovered 30 feet off the ground, six odd-looking creatures were plainly visible inside a transparent undercarriage. The shaken ex-lawmaker said, “I don’t know whether they were angels, devils or what.”

Meanwhile, a Dallas daily reported the crash of a spaceship at the Wise County hamlet of Aurora. According to a local correspondent named S.E. Hayden, the craft collided with a windmill and exploded killing the lone alien occupant. The blast “scattered debris over several acres of ground” but enough remained of the intergalactic guest “to show he was not an inhabitant of this world.”

“T.J. Weems, the U.S. Signal Service officer at this place and an authority on astronomy, gave it as his opinion that the pilot was a native of the planet Mars.” The tall tale concluded with the announcement that the deceased would be given a Christian burial by the compassionate earthlings of Aurora.

Giant ‘V-shaped UFO’ looms over Texas neighbourhood in doorbell cam
Link: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/giant-v-shaped-ufo-looms-22928179

A strange shape looming above a house in Texas has been labeled a “cloaked triangle-shaped UFO” by conspiracy theorists after it was captured on a doorbell cam at night

In the clip, recorded on October 21, an object described as a “v-shaped” craft looms above the rooftop, looking as if it is flying quite low.

The dark shape is visibly for several seconds before vanishing out of sight behind some tall trees.

Unsurprisingly, the footage has caused a stir since it was uploaded on the conspiracy theory YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.

Narrating the footage, the YouTuber explains that it is not sped-up and the “very large object” appears to be “partially-cloaked”.

He claims that it could be “secret military maneuvers”, or “extra-terrestrial” in origins.

The strange video attracted dozens of comments and theories, with many people agreeing that the object was alien or supernatural.

Some people even claimed to have seen a similar thing.

One viewer commented: “It looks like what I seen about 5 days ago whilst I was on my way shopping on my bike!

“It looked like a half-moon but twice the size of the moon, and orange-ish! I could not believe what I had seen!”

Another wrote: “It looks like it might be V-shaped. Possibly the same type of craft seen over Phoenix many years back?”

Someone else said: “I might have seen that ship or at least one like it fly over on one of these October nights over here in Dallas.

More cynical viewers suggested it could be a “flock of birds” and someone even tried to debunk it as “vapour”.

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