TTU Interview – Richard Magill, Extraterrestrial 3D Art Photobook

TTU Interview – Richard Magill, Extraterrestrial 3D Art Photobook

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Today’s episode Richard Magill.

I’m from mississauga, Ontario. In Canada. Long story short: I have befriended extraterrestrials and have been documenting their unfathomably intricate, 3d immersive art for over three years. I have a dream job that nobody ever dreamed of: I am the personal photographer for extraterrestrials.

Besides having invisible UFO light energy on standby, ready to make me art whenever we both so choose, I have an alien fish/shrimp, gifts from extraterrestrials and the world’s first alien/UFO selfie from another dimension.

I am self-publishing a photobook containing their artistry. 50% of the profits is going to environmental causes.

Any help with getting the world’s attention would be much appreciated. A 20 minute documentary about my situation is on YouTube

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